Words from Students

I think that playing the piano so far has been very fun. In lessons, we would play interesting songs and do various activities. This would straighten my skills as a pianist. It is fun and challenging. So far, for the past 10 years of playing the piano, I’ve had a good time every time I played. I continue to enjoy my piano lessons.

– Eric Ong, age 13, Highland Park

My daughter Alyssa started her piano lessons when she was just 5 years old. Ms. Zina is very patient and makes Alyssa at ease. When Ms. Zina started her own piano studio, we followed her without any doubt, because she is a good and effective teacher and gives our daughter all the necessary skills she needs to learn. We are waiting for our son to turn 6 to start his lessons with Ms. Zina.

– Susan Sanchez, Northbrook

My son Joseph has been studying piano for over 5 years under the tutelage of Miss Zina Katsman. Her dedication to his progress has been significant. He has grown from a simple piano player to a player of confidence and competence. Her command of the piano combined with her ability to teach has made her a world-class teacher. We are so glad to have found such a great teacher.

– Marian Cross, Northbrook

I really enjoy Miss Zina’s group piano lessons. They are so much fun. I like to be with her other students. It makes me like piano more!

– Joe Cross, 11, Northbrook

After taking Zina’s class for nine years, my interest in music has grown wider than it could have otherwise. Her emphasis on technique, posture, and overall tone in addition to getting the notes right helped me to improve, and when she makes analogies to everyday life relating to piano, it helps me to understand how I should play the piece. I’m glad I took this class.

– Sebastian Garzon, 15, Northbrook

Zina is everything you hope for in a teacher: she is creative, but clear; firm, but kind; inspiring. Because of her, my son is learning to love music and music making. His progress has been astonishing.

– Jeanne Bishop, Winnetka

At the age of 27, having never picked up an instrument, I decided taking piano lessons would be my newest adventure. Next thing I know, I found myself sitting at the piano under Zina’s instruction. Zina backs up her personal talent and knowledge with a strong passion for the instrument. She not only teaches technique, she also teaches about the methodology of the style, and the stores of the composers. It’s amazing to hear Zina play the piano. But what is even more amazing is her ability to challenge her students, give them confidence, and share her passion. She has such patience yet still finds the way to push you to grow. When I started taking lessons, I was hoping to learn to play a few simple songs. In two short years I have gone from playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, to learning about the style of the baroque & classical periods and playing pieces from composers such as Beethoven and Handel. Zina has taught, and continues to teach me, that there is so much more to playing the piano than knowing the black and white keys. She really has brought so much more joy and understanding to each piece I play.

– Amy Scholz, Highland Park. Student since January 2010

Zina Katsman is my piano teacher. She is a good teacher. She teaches about different techniques for good playing and has pieces for every level. I have been with her for almost 3 years and I have made great progress under her. I am playing harder and harder pieces with techniques and I am doing well with them because she is helping me. I am getting better and better and the pieces I am playing feel easier because of her teaching. She is a very good piano teacher in my opinion.

– Tobe Obochi, 8, Highland Park

Zina has been my two sons’ piano teacher for almost three years. She is very dedicated and knows how to get across to kids. She doesn’t let any mistake go by without finding a way to point it out in a non-intimidating way. It has been very rewarding to see the progress the kids have made under Zina. My sons’ piano skills have improved tremendously. Zina is also very caring and flexible. She always finds the class time that is suitable for our schedule. We highly recommend her as an excellent piano teacher.

– Crystal Obochi, Highland Park

Zina is one of the greatest piano teachers out there. If you want to learn piano, choose Zina. She has a high level of experience and won’t just teach you how to play, but how to play well. I have been playing since I was five.

– Sam Rosen, age 13, Glencoe

After my child left for college, I decided I would like to learn to play the piano. I have been taking lessons with Zina for 4 years and really enjoy playing. She is always very patient and encouraging, choosing a nice variety of music for me, which is challenging but also fun to play. I look forward to continuing my lessons and improving my piano skills.

– Julie N., Northbrook