Recreational Music Making

Recreational Music Making (RMM) group classes for grown-ups above all is fun and social experience where participants encourage and support one another.  They choose their level of achievement and play many of their favorite songs.  RMM brings joy and wellness benefits as it reverses stress and promotes health and well-being.

Although you will learn to read music, play music of your choice and learn to play lead sheets, you are starting down a path of music making designed to be stress free and enjoyable.  RMM learning is considered a “dream-fulfillment” opportunity.  Countless adults have yearned to play the piano for years (or regretted quitting as a child), and they are seeking a learning environment that helps them achieve that dream. Seize this opportunity and remember, there is no expiration date on dreams.

 Please contact us today to sign up at 773-991-5436

First Class is Free

Classes will be 50 minutes long.