About Zina Katsman

zina-katsman-001Zina Katsman gave her first public performance, at the age of two and a half, at the local supermarket, spontaneously and unexpectedly. Her non-musical parents were speechless.

From the age of three, music and performing became her favorite activity, and she began begging her parents for piano lessons. When Zina was seven years old, her parents finally enrolled her in music school, and bought her a piano.

zina-katsman-event-001Over the subsequent years, Zina studied at Belarus State music school, in her native city of Minsk, Belarus, and later at DePaul University in Chicago. She also participated in a summer music program in Italy. Among her many teachers, the most influential to Zina is concert pianist, Steinway artist and head of the New Music School, Mary Sauer, with whom Zina continues to work. She also participates in Ms Sauer’s Artist Piano Master Classes.

Since 1998, Zina Katsman has been teaching piano in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago. Her studio is currently located in the Ravinia area of Highland Park, Illinois. In addition to teaching, Zina has played piano for the dance departments of Northwestern University and Columbia College, as well as the Hubbard Street Dance Company.

zina-katsman-004Ms. Katsman has enthusiasm for music and a desire to teach, inspire and motivate students of all ages and skill levels with an interest and curiosity in music.

For the past ten years, Zina’s piano instruction establishment, Zina Katsman Piano Studio, has had a student body of more than fifty students that attend weekly individual and group classes.

Zina is a member of North Shore Music Teachers’ Association and the Chicago Area Music Teachers Association.