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Welcome! At Piano for Everyone our goal is to bring love and enjoyment of music making to each one of our students, while teaching to play piano in creative and engaging ways. We believe that when lessons motivate, inspire and excite students, their learning  exceeds all expectations. We connect with the students right where they are on their musical journey.

**New: Group Piano Classes for Grown-Ups**

Recreational Music Making (RMM)  group classes for Grown-Ups  above all is fun and social experience where participants encourage and support one another.  They choose their level of achievement and play many of their favorite songs.  RMM brings joy and wellness benefits as it reverses stress and promotes health and well-being.

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Zina Katsman, a classical pianist and a dedicated teacher with a 20-year career, is committed to providing innovative, fun and engaging atmosphere for every one of her students.  For Ms. Katsman teaching students and enriching their lives is as gratifying as the musical experience itself.  She has dedicated her life to bringing that joy of music to students and working to have their musical dreams come true.

There are many benefits to music education.  The study of music:

  • Builds confidence
  • Improves discipline
  • Improves attention, concentration and memory
  • Improves learning capability and coordination
  • Creates better students and Professionals

Learning an instrument such as the piano  helps you to become a more well rounded person and benefits your creativity, academic skills, brain and overall health.

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Call Zina Katsman today to discuss lessons or to schedule a live performance at your event. Phone 773.991.5436